A Matter of Balance WorkshopActive AgingHealthFalling is NOT an inevitable result of aging. Falls are however, the leading cause of injury related deaths, hospitalizations, and emergency room visits, including head injuries and broken hips, among older adults in Georgia.
About Home Health Agencies and Private Home Care ProvidersAging in Place, CaregivingHealth, HomeHome health agencies provide skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services requiring doctor’s orders to individuals who meet the Medicare definition of “homebound”. In addition, home health aides are available to assist the patient with bathing, dressing, and light housekeeping in his or her home or apartment as long as they are receiving the skilled care.
About Personal Care HomesCaregiving, Managing a DisabilityCommunity, Health, HomeIn Georgia, personal care homes are residential facilities that provide assistance to individuals that are 18 years of age or older with housing, food service, and one or more personal services for two or more adults who are not related to the owner or administrator by blood or marriage.
Abuse and NeglectCaregivingHealthOlder people and adults with disabilities are especially vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and exploitation. If you suspect that you or someone you know is being abused or neglected, it is very important to seek professional help. Please contact Empowerline to discuss the signs that you see.
Addiction HelpManaging a Chronic ConditionHealthAddiction can present itself in various forms, including substance addiction (substance abuse and/or dependency) or behavioral addiction, such as gambling or stealing. People can become more susceptible to addiction due to a major life change, which may include retirement, injury, or death of a loved one.
Adult Day ServicesCaregivingCommunity, Health, HomeAdult day services are designed to meet the individual needs of frail adults that have some type of physical or cognitive impairment to remain in the community rather than move to a personal care home or enter a nursing facility.
Advance DirectivesCaregivingHealthAll adults, regardless of age, can prepare for end of life decisions and have the documents in place that allow others to know and act on our decisions under these circumstances.
Aging and Independence Services GroupCommunity, Health, HomeEmpowerline is brought to you the Aging and Independence Services Group of ARC, the Atlanta Regional Commission. We envision the Atlanta region as a place where people of all ages, abilities, and income can live high-quality lives. We call it well-designed well-being.
ARC Cares Flex Program FlyerAging in PlaceHealth, HomeThe CARES Flex Program provides a monthly budget to individuals or caregivers for needs including bathing, dressing, laundry, meals, day programs, assistive technology, and more.
Assistive Technology and Emergency ResponseManaging a Chronic Condition, Managing a DisabilityHealthThe unexpected can happen at any time. Life may be going along fine and the next thing you know, you’re in an ambulance being taken to the hospital because you’ve been told you just had a stroke.
BRI-Care Consultation (Care Support)Aging in Place, CaregivingCommunity, Health, HomeBRI-Care Consultation is a telephone-based information and support service for adults with health challenges and their family or friend caregivers. BRI-Care Consultation provides ongoing help to find practical solutions to concerns about health and care. You don’t have to leave your home to use Care Consultation.
Caregiver Resources – DementiaCaregivingHealth, HomeCaregivers and their families are often looking for good Internet resources. Identified here is a selected list of Web sites for family members and others caring for persons with Alzheimer’s. The list also contains links to resources on caring for the caregiver. Each site is unique and aimed at providing
current, practical, and expert advice.
Community Gardening ManualActive Aging, Aging in PlaceCommunity, Health, HomeThis guide offers information for individuals and organizations interested in learning more about how to start and sustain participation in a community garden.
Community Options CounselingCaregiving, Managing a DisabilityHealthCommunity Options Counseling is a coaching process that supports informed decision-making regarding long-term services and supports. It is a core function of Empowerline, the Atlanta region’s Aging & Disability Resource Connection (ADRC), and offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to helping individuals understand what service options are available to them.
Condition Management ChecklistManaging a Chronic ConditionHealthYou just left the doctor’s office with news you may have been anticipating but have tried to ignore. While the doctor was able to provide a bit of education about your diagnosis, you still have lingering questions. Now what? Let’s take a look at the first steps you can take to learn more about your condition. Use this checklist to empower yourself to face your condition head on.
Continuing EducationActive AgingHealthContinuing education provides opportunities for older adults to engage in stimulating activities and post-secondary educational opportunities after they have left the formal education system.
Coordinating Care for Adults with DisabilitiesCaregiving, Managing a DisabilityHealth, HomeWhether staying at a family home or living in a residential setting, Empowerline can help connect you to options to support your loved one’s daily living needs. Community living support provides supervision and support for people to successfully live in their family homes or other residential settings.
COVID-19 ResourcesActive Aging, Aging in Place, Caregiving, Managing a Chronic Condition, Managing a DisabilityHealth
Details of My Final Arrangements / Planning GuideAging in Place, CaregivingHealth, HomeA guide to help you think through some important issues as you consider and put in place your final arrangements. Use this guide to help navigate end of life arrangements, know your rights, and what to do when a loved one dies.
Diabetes WorksheetManaging a Chronic ConditionHealthFor the approximately 25.8 million Americans living with diabetes, managing the condition can be a daily challenge. Keeping blood sugar levels in desired ranges can be a constant balancing act. Much of diabetes management rests in the hands of the individual. Daily self-care such as monitoring blood sugar, taking medications, problem-solving, following a healthy diet and participating in regular physical activity are all necessary to maintain adequate control of complications
Disaster Planning Toolkit for People Living with DementiaCaregiving, Managing a DisabilityHealth, HomeThis Disaster Planning Toolkit for People Living with Dementia is made up of seven tip sheets and checklists for persons living with dementia, their families, and others who interact with them, including friends and neighbors.
Disaster Preparedness For Seniors By SeniorsAging in Place, CaregivingHealthEmergencies and disasters can strike quickly and without warning and can force you to evacuate your neighborhood or be confined to your home. What would you do if your basic services—water, gas, electricity or communications—were cut off?
Do I Need a Will? Helpful Guide for WillsAging in Place, CaregivingHealth, HomeThis is helpful guide on the subject of wills developed by Georgia Department of Human Services Division of Aging Services. This is general information on the subject of wills. It is not meant to provide legal advice or legal counseling.
Elder Abuse Fact SheetCaregivingHealthAs they age, older adults may need assistance from others with getting to and from medical appointments, managing their finances, preparing meals, personal care and performing other activities that enable them to continue living in their homes and communities. Unfortunately, increasing numbers of older adults experience abuse from the very people they trust to provide them with this much-needed assistance.
Eligibility, Process, and CostActive Aging, Aging in Place, Caregiving, Managing a Chronic Condition, Managing a DisabilityCommunity, Health, HomeThe services available to you depend on many different factors, including your age, where you live, and your assets and income. Based on these requirements, some services may not be available to you, or may be available to you for a cost.
Employment With a DisabilityManaging a DisabilityHealthIf you’re caring for an adult child or another loved one with a disability, no matter their age, you likely worry about them a lot. What will happen to them if something happens to you?
Empowerline ToolkitCommunity, Health, Home"Empowerline provides a front desk experience for people who need help navigating life changes,” said Becky Kurtz, manager of ARC’s Aging & Independence Services Group. The need is great: Metro Atlanta has one of the nation’s fastest-growing populations of older persons, the vast majority of whom want to remain at home in their communities.
End-of-Life Care and ConsiderationsCaregivingHealthWe will all die eventually, but for many of us dying may be a lingering process, rather than the sudden event commonly experienced in previous generations. Because we die differently now, there are different issues we may want to consider.
Explore Services for Your Loved One with DisabilitiesManaging a DisabilityCommunity, Health, HomeIf you’re caring for an adult child or another loved one with a disability, no matter their age, you likely worry about them a lot. What will happen to them if something happens to you? What if their needs become too great for you to continue caring for them? How can you help them live their most fulfilling life?
Fall PreventionAging in PlaceHealthPersons of all ages fall, but the risk of serious injury from a fall increases as you get older. Consider this familiar scenario: Ms. Martin is a 78-year-old retiree who lives alone with her pet.
Falls ChecklistAging in PlaceHomeEven a minor fall can have major negative effects on your physical health as you age. You can take preventative steps to clear the path toward a safe home life now. You can also connect with in-home services and supports to help you live well in your home.

Use the checklist below to identify common fall hazards, then reach out to one of our counselors to learn how we can help.
Financial HelpHealth, HomeUnexpected financial needs can strike anyone at any time. Hardworking Georgians, many with and many without experience accepting public assistance, may find themselves in need.
Future PlanningAging in PlaceHealth, HomeWhether you are considering retirement or becoming an empty-nester or downsizing to a new home, it can be hard to picture the next stages of your life.
Future Planning, Now – WorksheetAging in Place, CaregivingHealth, HomeMany successful people achieve their dreams through a combination of hard work, planning, grit, and supportive friends and family. Similarly—as you age—that same recipe for success, can be applied to your own life, setting you up to live your best life. Use this worksheet to gauge where you are currently in your future-planning process. Once you have completed the activity, tally up your score to see how Empowerline can help you.
Georgia Advance Directive for Health CareAging in Place, CaregivingHealthThe effect of the Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care Act on the Georgia Living Will and Georgia Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Laws.
Georgia Voter Tip SheetCommunity, Health, HomeThere are three options for exercising your right to vote, Election Day Voting, Early Voting, and Absentee Ballot (Vote By Mail). It is important to know that photo ID is required to prove you are the person asking for the ballot. If you are a registered voter and if you are denied a ballot for any reason,
including photo ID, you are allowed to cast a provisional paper ballot.
Georgia Voting 101CommunityElections provide an opportunity for you to express your opinion on the people you want to represent you at local, state, and federal levels as well as on issues in your jurisdiction such as local tax and funding proposals.
Healthy Changes for Living with DiabetesManaging a Chronic ConditionHealthFor the approximately 25.8 million Americans living with diabetes, managing the condition can be a daily challenge. Keeping blood sugar levels in desired ranges can be a constant balancing act. Much of diabetes management rests in the hands of the individual.
Healthy Choices for Living with a Chronic Condition workshopManaging a Chronic ConditionCommunity, HealthLiving with a long-lasting health condition such as arthritis, diabetes or heart disease has its challenges. While chronic disease is more common in older adults, certain conditions can develop at any age. Learning how to meet those challenges can make life easier.
Helping Older Adults Weather the Storm Before, During and After DisastersAging in Place, CaregivingHealth, HomeThe tips provided in this fact sheet will help older adults and their caregivers prepare for disasters. Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, chemical spills, wildfires and other man-made and natural disasters can have long-lasting and sometimes permanent effects on communities and the older adults who live in them.
Home Heat Map Worksheet (Home Safety)Aging in PlaceHealth, HomeHome means so many things to you. Family and fond memories may come immediately to mind. However, as you age, you may need to adapt your space to meet new needs. By connecting with one of our counselors, we can suggest best-fit modifications and classes to prevent falls, or connect you to a trusted provider. Download the worksheet to get started.
Home Modifications and RepairAging in Place, Managing a DisabilityHomeA lot goes into selecting the right home—how close is it to good schools, parks, and shops, and does it have a backyard space for the dog? As your needs change throughout the years, bear in mind that your home can change with you. With home modifications, a house that was once a perfect fit for your young family can remain a safe space for you as an older person who may have physical limitations, or a comfortable space for your aging in-laws to share with you.
Homemaker ServicesAging in PlaceHealth, HomeHomemaker services take away troublesome tasks and allow you to keep doing what you can at home while you handle the rest of your life. They are designed to provide core household tasks that help keep the your home environment safe and clean.
Household Discount & Tax BreaksAging in PlaceHomeExpenses can pile up and force you to make trade-off decisions on how to spend your money. You may be worried that you spend too much of your monthly income on bills for your home and won’t have enough left for other necessities. It can be even more difficult if you are no longer working and are living on a fixed income.
Housing for Persons with a DisabilityManaging a DisabilityHealth, HomeYou may have been born with a physical disability that limits your ability to walk, or maybe you were in a car crash and now use a wheelchair to move about independently.
Housing Options for Adults with IDDManaging a DisabilityHealth, HomeHome can mean different things to different people. Home can be in a variety of settings, such as an apartment where you live alone or a house you share with relatives or non-related roommates.
Housing Options for Older PeopleAging in PlaceHomeEveryone deserves a place to live and thrive that’s accessible, affordable, and pleasant. If you’re experiencing housing challenges as you age, there’s a solution for you.
How Do I Manage My Medicines?Managing a Chronic ConditionHealthTaking medicine may be new to you, and there may be a lot to remember. For example, why are you taking it? It’s very important to take medicine the right way — just as your doctor tells you.
Kinship CareCaregivingCommunity, Health, HomeMost of the circumstances when grandparents (or other relatives or friends) become full-time caregivers of children are hard for both the kids and the older adult. Maybe the parents have passed away, have struggles with drugs or alcohol, or live in prison.
Know the Facts About Heart DiseaseManaging a Chronic ConditionHealthHeart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. More than 600,000 Americans die of heart disease each year. That’s one in every four
deaths in this country. The term “heart disease” refers to several types of heart conditions.
Learn About Your Chronic ConditionManaging a Chronic ConditionHealthIf you have recently been diagnosed with or are living with a chronic health condition, you may have a lot of questions. It’s normal to feel overloaded with information and have trouble digesting
Living Well Workshop InformationAging in PlaceCommunity, HealthDo you want to keep your community healthy and safe? Host a Living Well Workshop in your community. Living Well Workshops promote health self-management and have been proven to improve participants’ health status AND reduce care costs. These research-based, tested programs help older adults and their caregivers take control over their health and, improve quality of life.
Long-term Services & Supports PlanningAging in Place, Caregiving, Managing a Chronic Condition, Managing a DisabilityHealth, HomeI want to stay in my home, but daily tasks are becoming more difficult for me. Are there services that can help? It can be scary when you find yourself or a loved one struggling to manage daily life.
Manage Your Chronic ConditionManaging a Chronic ConditionHealthIf you have recently been diagnosed or are living with a chronic health condition, you may be facing new obstacles managing your daily life.
Manage your MedicationAging in Place, Managing a Chronic ConditionHealthNo matter your age, taking medication as directed is an essential part of a healthy life.
Me, We, Tomorrow WorksheetManaging a DisabilityHealthBeing a caregiver can be tough.

Between meeting your needs, your loved one needs, and juggling daily tasks with future planning, sometimes important to-dos can go overlooked.
We’ve answered to these challenges with a framework to simplify the complex. You can use this worksheet to clearly define priorities, identify dependencies, and move toward a brighter future for you and your loved one.
Medicare, Medicaid, and Health InsuranceAging in Place, Managing a Chronic ConditionHealthFeeling stuck with healthcare costs and don’t know what insurance options are right for you? Here’s a handy explainer.
Mind the Gap (Transportation Solutions)Active Aging, Aging in Place, Managing a DisabilityCommunityTransportation can pose a variety of challenges if you are no longer able to drive or recently moved to a new neighborhood. Where is the closest bus stop? How will I get there? Will someone be able to pick me up? Luckily, you live in a major metropolitan region with multiple transportation options available to you.
MyMobility PlanActive Aging, Aging in PlaceHealthStaying healthy and managing chronic conditions help maintain your mobility. To start building your plan, complete this checklist. Many people make financial plans for retirement, but not everyone plans for other changes that may come with age. This includes changes in your mobility—your ability to get around.
Nursing Home ChecklistCaregivingCommunity, Health, HomeEmpowerline, a service of the Atlanta Regional Commission Area Agency on Aging, has prepared this check list to help you make decisions about nursing home care. If you or a member of your family must enter a nursing home, visit the facility ahead of time. Quality of care, cost, services provided, and physical layout vary greatly.
Nursing HomesCaregivingHealth, HomeA nursing home is a public or private residential facility that provides a high level of long term personal or nursing care for persons who are unable to safely care for themselves in a community setting. These state licensed facilities offer the most extensive care a person can receive outside of a hospital setting.
Nutrition OptionsAging in Place, Managing a Chronic Condition, Managing a DisabilityHealthNeed to know what’s for lunch? Have you been skipping meals or eating too much cheap, but unhealthy, food since you retired?
Older Adults and Elder AbuseCaregivingCommunity, Health, HomeWhile it can be difficult to quantify the precise number of individuals who experience elder abuse, the National Center on Elder Abuse cites research indicating that approximately one in 10 older adults have experienced some form of elder abuse.
Older Adults and EmploymentActive AgingCommunity, Health, HomeIf you love a productive day, you shouldn’t need to leave the workforce if you don’t want to. Your age shouldn't affect your ability to get and keep a job. If you are 55 or older, unemployed, and looking to re-enter the workforce, you may qualify for the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)
Older Adults and Medication SafetyCaregiving, Managing a Chronic ConditionHealthAs they age, older adults may develop health conditions that can be treated with over-the-counter medications, or those that have been prescribed by a physician. In recent years doctors have increasingly prescribed medications that are commonly referred to as opioids. While prescription opioids can help alleviate chronic and debilitating pain, they can be misused, leading to injury and death.
One2One Frequently Asked QuestionsVolunteeringCommunity, Health, Home
One2One Volunteer ApplicationVolunteeringCommunity, Health, HomeOne2One is a phone-based outreach program to support at-risk adults over the age of 60 and people with disabilities who typically live alone, are homebound, and have little or no caregiver support in metro Atlanta. The program seeks to decrease social isolation and loneliness by providing ongoing companionship and support, enabling people to remain in their own homes and stay connected to their communities.
One2One Volunteer Application PacketVolunteeringCommunityThe One2One Telephone Reassurance Program provides vital connections for older adults in the metro Atlanta region who are experiencing or are at greater risk for social isolation. Upon completion of program training, all volunteers must submit this application.
Paths to Purpose and Participation WorksheetActive AgingCommunity, HealthGet inspired by taking an inside look at how Mary has swapped coffee runs for yoga class and paperwork for peace-of-mind. Use the second column to set personal goals so that you can transition seamlessly into your new routine.
Personal CareCaregiving, Managing a DisabilityHealth, HomeLet’s face it, no one wants helps with bathing or getting dressed. It’s not quite like that short scalp massage you receive from the hairdresser, but it may be a necessity if you have injured yourself, are weak from a recent surgery or illness, or have a disability.
Personal Care Home ChecklistCaregiving, Managing a DisabilityHealth, HomeIf you are considering a move to a personal care home or assisted living community for yourself or a loved one, be sure to visit the home and speak to the residents and staff before moving in. There are more than 600 licensed personal care homes in the Atlanta region.
Personal Health Record (PHR) / Health Information Form for AdultsCaregivingHealthA PHR is a record controlled by the individual and may include health information from a variety of sources, including multiple health care providers and the patients themselves.
Planning for Long-Term CareAging in Place, CaregivingHealth, HomeWhen it comes to your home, your health, and your finances, you want to be in the driver’s seat. That’s why it’s so important to plan now for retirement and any future care you may need. Planning for long-term care is one of the smartest decisions you can make, and it’s a gift for your family too.
Powerful Tools for CaregiversCaregivingCommunity, Health, HomeMore than 44 million people in the United States are providing either full-time or part-time unpaid care for a family member or loved one over the age of 18 who is ill or has a disability. The impact on those caregivers is huge — physically, emotionally, and financially.
Preventing Falls at HomeAging in PlaceHomeDo you you want to stay in your own home for as long as possible? You certainly do not want to fall and risk an injury. Most serious falls occur in and
around the home, and can be life-changing. To help maintain your independence, it’s important to understand the ways you can protect yourself from falls.
Protect Your RightsAging in PlaceCommunity, Health, HomeWhether you think your rights might be violated now or you are preparing for the future for yourself or someone you love, you may have a need for legal assistance.
Resources for CaregiversCaregivingCommunityDo you find yourself helping out an adult who has a chronic or disabling condition? If so — whether you’re a family member, friend, or neighbor — you are a caregiver.
Resources for Dementia, Including Alzheimer’s DiseaseManaging a Chronic Condition, Managing a DisabilityHealthThere’s more to the person than the dementia. Getting a diagnosis of dementia can be a stressful life event, but understanding the diagnosis and available resources might help ease some of that stress.
Resources for the LGBTQ CommunityActive AgingCommunity, HealthAre you or is someone you love a member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ) community? If so, you may be looking for specific support, services, or engagement opportunities in the community.
Resources for VeteransActive AgingCommunity, HealthIf you are a veteran who is suffering from a physical or mental disability, need financial assistance, or simply want to become more engaged in your community, Empowerline can connect you with options.
Respite CareCaregivingHealth, HomeStressed? Overwhelmed? Carrying the world on your shoulders? We understand. Caring for your aging parents, family members, or persons with disabilities can be exhausting.
Speaker TopicsActive Aging, Aging in Place, Caregiving, Managing a Chronic Condition, Managing a DisabilityOur dynamic group of well-informed, passionate speakers offer their expertise and time free of charge on a variety of topics that help people improve and sustain the quality of their lives.
Steps to Prevent FallsAging in PlaceHealthEvery 11 seconds, an older adult is seen in an emergency department for a fall-related injury. Many falls are preventable. Stay safe with these tips!
The Georgia Consumer Protection Guide for Older AdultsActive AgingHomeProtecting Georgia’s consumers from unfair and deceptive business practices is a major focus of the Georgia Department of Law. Our Consumer Protection Unit is dedicated to stopping these practices and assisting those who have been victimized.
The Road to Medicare: Planning Your Drive Toward 65Active AgingHealthIt is very important for everyone becoming eligible for Medicare to get accurate information about coverage and delivery options, including supplemental health insurance, Medicare health plans and prescription drug coverage.
Transportation OptionsActive Aging, Aging in Place, Managing a DisabilityCommunity, HealthIt’s common for many people to outlive their ability to drive or to seek alternate transportation options based on their abilities.
Volunteer Opportunities – Frequently Asked QuestionsVolunteeringCommunity, Health, HomeIf you are willing to share your skills and experiences and are 55 and older, you can volunteer with Metro Atlanta RSVP. Flexible schedules and varied topics and tasks permit you to choose opportunities most compatible with your skills, interests and availability. You don’t need special skills, and we provide training at no cost to you.
Your Guide to Choosing a Nursing HomeCaregivingCommunity, Health, HomeThis official government booklet explains how to find and compare nursing homes, pay for nursing home care, nursing home resident rights, and alternatives to nursing home care. It’s helpful to plan ahead, consider all your long-term care options, and make good financial plans early.