Financial Help

Financial resources at your fingertips

Man pondering next move in a chess gameUnexpected financial needs can strike anyone at any time. Hardworking Georgians, many with and many without experience accepting public assistance, may find themselves in need. Perhaps you have a fixed income that won’t meet this month’s heating bills. Perhaps you have limited ability to work and are waiting to be officially recognized for your disability. Maybe you’ve been the target of a financial scam. Whatever the reason, if you need financial assistance, we can help you explore your options.

Read on for links to resources related to your needs. You can also search for services and resources on Empowerline if you know what you’re looking for.

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What are my options for financial help?

Whether you are in a rough situation or a sudden pinch, we can connect you to resources that can help. Empowerline can help you wade through the options and help you understand whether you qualify. Connect with us today to learn more about specific programs and discover the right relief for you. Whether you need help with affording your utilities, groceries, or transportation, we are here to help.

Help with income

We can help you explore whether you are entitled to income that you may have overlooked, such as from the Social Security Administration (including disability benefits), Veterans Administration, or a pension from your old job. To make sure that you are receiving all of the Social Security income to which you are entitled, visit the Social Security Administration’s website.

Help with healthcare costs

Just because your finances have hit a road-bump does not mean your health should too. We can direct you to resources that may assist with the costs of insurance or help you to access free or low-cost health services. If you have health insurance but cannot afford co-pays, prescription costs, or medical bills, you may have options available to you. For more information on the resources available, explore our resources on health insurance.

Help with food costs

If you are struggling to keep food in your fridge, you may qualify for resources. We can help you access Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits and programs, such as qualified farmer’s markets, that help SNAP benefits stretch further. SNAP is sometimes called “food stamps.”  We can help you get meals at your local senior centers or meals delivered to your home. We can also point you toward food pantries or other programs located near you that provide a limited amount of food during tough times.