Employment With a Disability

parents embracing adult child

Disabilities do not have to prevent you from working. They may, however, present opportunities to interact with your work environment in a different way. If you want to earn your own paycheck and participate in the workforce, there are laws, resources, and programs that may help make your goal a reality.

What if I’m looking for work opportunities?

The workforce is made up of diverse people, including individuals with a variety of disabilities. There are programs that can help with job training and supported employment opportunities. A few resources that can help include your local Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Community Services Board (for individuals with mental illness or intellectual and developmental disabilities) and the disABILITY Link (for individuals with physical disabilities). You can also contact Empowerline to learn more.

Georgia’s Vocational Rehabilitation Agency serves individuals who have a permanent disability that is a barrier to employment and provides resources like job training, evaluations, and job placement services. Learn more through the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency.