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Search a free database of thousands of services in the region – from caregiving and financial assistance to healthcare and legal help.

You can find names and contact information of providers, lists of services provided, geographic areas served, and estimated costs. Search by type of service, provider name, and/or county. The database is continually updated and vetted by the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Area Agency on Aging.

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If you need more information or don’t find what you’re looking for, Empowerline counselors are ready to assist you at (404) 463-3333.

Please note that any and all information provided about services providers is intended for referral purposes only. Empowerline of the Atlanta Regional Commission does not license service providers, nor guarantee the quality of service they will provide. Therefore, the staff does not endorse or recommend any single provider. The decision to use any service providers is the sole responsibility of the person needing the service or their family.