Home Modifications and Repair

Modifying my home to fit my needs

man with sawA lot goes into selecting the right home—how close is it to good schools, parks, and shops, and does it have a backyard space for the dog? As your needs change throughout the years, bear in mind that your home can change with you. With home modifications, a house that was once a perfect fit for your young family can remain a safe space for you as an older person who may have physical limitations, or a comfortable space for your aging in-laws to share with you.

Simple changes to the place where you made memories

Modifications range from simple to grand. Think ramps to make pushing wheelchairs a breeze, lower counter tops that are more accessible, bathroom grab bars, or basements converted to small apartments.

Other times, some repairs are needed to simply maintain a home, such as weatherization and roofing. Regular maintenance keeps your home the safe environment you’ve always known it to be and ensures it meets city and home insurance standards.

For examples of common home modifications, information on the process, and other resources check out this informational pamphlet from Elder Locator. Use Empowerline’s search for services resources to find services and providers near you.