Assistive Technology with Celia Williams

Celia Williams works for the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) in Aging and Independence Services as an information and referral counselor for Empowerline, which includes ARC’s Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC). Empowerline offers services and resources to individuals with disabilities, older people, and their caregivers.

When you call Empowerline, one of our information and referral counselors will answer. Then, you will discuss any challenges you’re experiencing, and we will help you determine the services best fit for you. The different services and resources that may be available to you might include private pay options, home- and community-based programs provided through the county where you live, or a Medicaid waiver program.

Whatever your challenges, Empowerline is here to help you navigate through the massive, and often confusing, system of resources to help you get the assistance you need.


What does assistive technology mean?

Assistive technology can make life easier, and it makes life possible for individuals with disabilities. It allows people to remain independent while living at home. You may qualify for certain low-grade technology for free if you are low-income and 65+. All items demonstrated in the video are $50 or less, but there are also higher-grade technology and more expensive tools available that may be what you need.

Where can you go to explore assistive technology?

Georgia Tech has a lab, Tools for Life, where you can go and try out many forms of assistive technology to see what works for you. You can even borrow an item for trial purposes prior to purchasing.

Another metro Atlanta lab is in Cobb County at 1150 Power Springs Street, Marietta, GA. If you want to visit, call Cobb County Senior Services at (770) 528-5350 in order to schedule an appointment. The lab looks like a home where the layout inside incorporates various pieces of assistive technology throughout each room.


If you’d like to discuss assistive technology, call Empowerline at (404) 463-3333, and one of our counselors, like Celia, will assist you.


Megan Malasarte

Megan Malasarte is a Senior Administrative Assistant at Atlanta Regional Commission. She is a professional track athlete for the Atlanta Track Club Elite Team. She is passionate about fitness and engaging others to live a healthy lifestyle.