A Matter of Balance WorkshopHealthFalling is NOT an inevitable result of aging. Falls are however, the leading cause of injury related deaths, hospitalizations, and emergency room visits, including head injuries and broken hips, among older adults in Georgia.
Community Gardening ManualCommunity, Health, HomeThis guide offers information for individuals and organizations interested in learning more about how to start and sustain participation in a community garden.
Continuing EducationHealthContinuing education provides opportunities for older adults to engage in stimulating activities and post-secondary educational opportunities after they have left the formal education system.
COVID-19 ResourcesHealth
Eligibility, Process, and CostCommunity, Health, HomeThe services available to you depend on many different factors, including your age, where you live, and your assets and income. Based on these requirements, some services may not be available to you, or may be available to you for a cost.
Mind the Gap (Transportation Solutions)CommunityTransportation can pose a variety of challenges if you are no longer able to drive or recently moved to a new neighborhood. Where is the closest bus stop? How will I get there? Will someone be able to pick me up? Luckily, you live in a major metropolitan region with multiple transportation options available to you.
MyMobility PlanHealthStaying healthy and managing chronic conditions help maintain your mobility. To start building your plan, complete this checklist. Many people make financial plans for retirement, but not everyone plans for other changes that may come with age. This includes changes in your mobility—your ability to get around.
Older Adults and EmploymentCommunity, Health, HomeIf you love a productive day, you shouldn’t need to leave the workforce if you don’t want to. Your age shouldn't affect your ability to get and keep a job. If you are 55 or older, unemployed, and looking to re-enter the workforce, you may qualify for the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)
Paths to Purpose and Participation WorksheetCommunity, HealthGet inspired by taking an inside look at how Mary has swapped coffee runs for yoga class and paperwork for peace-of-mind. Use the second column to set personal goals so that you can transition seamlessly into your new routine.
Request a SpeakerCommunityLooking for engaging, relatable speakers for your next event? Our trained corps of senior volunteers give educational presentations relevant to older persons.
Resources for the LGBTQ CommunityCommunity, HealthAre you or is someone you love a member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ) community? If so, you may be looking for specific support, services, or engagement opportunities in the community.
Resources for VeteransCommunity, HealthIf you are a veteran who is suffering from a physical or mental disability, need financial assistance, or simply want to become more engaged in your community, Empowerline can connect you with options.
Speaker TopicsOur dynamic group of well-informed, passionate speakers offer their expertise and time free of charge on a variety of topics that help people improve and sustain the quality of their lives.
The Georgia Consumer Protection Guide for Older AdultsHomeProtecting Georgia’s consumers from unfair and deceptive business practices is a major focus of the Georgia Department of Law. Our Consumer Protection Unit is dedicated to stopping these practices and assisting those who have been victimized.
The Road to Medicare: Planning Your Drive Toward 65HealthIt is very important for everyone becoming eligible for Medicare to get accurate information about coverage and delivery options, including supplemental health insurance, Medicare health plans and prescription drug coverage.
Transportation OptionsCommunity, HealthIt’s common for many people to outlive their ability to drive or to seek alternate transportation options based on their abilities.