Volunteer Jeff Bonnell Educates Fellow Older Adults on Hearing Loss

Empowerline volunteer Jeff Bonnell loves educating older adults about hearing loss. He has been doing this through Empowerline over the past five years.

Jeff Bonnell Holding Up A Sign that Says "I Am A Community Builder!"
Empowerline Volunteer Jeff Bonnell

Older adults have no understanding of hearing loss until they experience it themselves, says Bonnell, who was born deaf in one ear. And this usually happens when they can’t hear their grandchildren.

“They don’t know it’s a normal part of aging,” he explains. “People are fascinated when I talk about it.”

Bonnell says it’s hard to find volunteers who want to educate others about hearing loss. In the past year, Bonnell has been doing his presentations via Zoom, but he’s looking forward to gathering again in person.

“Every presentation I did was different because the questions are different,” he explains.

Bonnell also gives presentations on healthy sexuality for older adults.

If you’re interested in educating older adults about relevant topics, visit Empowerline’s volunteer page

Arin Yost

Arin is a Program Analyst at the Atlanta Regional Commission, where his work focuses on health disparities and equity across the Atlanta region.