Serving Caregivers in Honor of Ms. Rosalynn Carter

On November 4th, ARC’s Empowerline and the Georgia Care-Net Coalition co-hosted an event with Second Wind Dreams and the Rosalynn Carter Institute called “Help for the Caregiving Years,” that provided resources and coping skills for people caring for family members. There were 27 vendors at the event and more than 100 attendees. 

Along with networking, the event featured a Virtual Dementia Tour, a workshop entitled “Coping with Caregiver Conflict,” and a keynote address from Denise M. Brown, who has been helping caregivers for over 30 years. Brown founded the Caregiving Years Training Academy, has written several books on caregiving, and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, US News & World Report, USA Today,, Time magazine, and the Chicago Tribune. 

The Georgia Care-Net Coalition was formed in 1990, when the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers recognized a need for engagement and collaboration amongst professional and family caregivers. They quarterly meetings typically include guests from Piedmont Hospital’s 60+ Program, senior centers, Jewish Family and Career Services, and more. At the meetings, attendees can discuss issues, resources, ideas, and more to further empower caregivers. 

The coalition would not have been possible without Mrs. Rosalynn Carter’s determination to provide resources, services, and knowledge generally reserved for professionals to family caregivers, as well. All caregivers, both professional and amateur, are grateful to the late Mrs. Carter for her hard work and dedication to bridging the gap between professionals and caregivers. Her legacy will live on through the institute and Care-Net.