Local senior centers have a lot to offer

The perfect recipe for thriving in your later life is friends, fun, and fitness. But, like any recipe, the balance of ingredients for a thriving senior can be tricky to master. Many older adults are left asking—how can I keep my life full of friends after retiring, losing a spouse, or moving to a new city? How can I continue to have a full, active life on a fixed income or with my limited mobility? How can I maintain my mental and physical fitness after being diagnosed with new health conditions?

For many older adults, the activities at senior centers are an important answer. These centers can help you discover and refine your own unique recipe for thriving as an older adult. You can discover a new passion for pool or continue to refine your love of pottery. You can build new, active friendships and maintain comfortable, steadfast ones. You can continue to prioritize your wellness—through group activities and individual efforts.

What are metro Atlanta’s senior center options?

There are three main categories of senior centers in metro Atlanta: neighborhood senior centers, senior multipurpose complexes, and programs offered through the county or city Parks and Recreation departments.

Neighborhood senior centers

Senior centers offer community space for you to enjoy the company of your older neighbors. These centers offer good food, fun activities, and exciting learning opportunities. They’re sponsored by your county and other public funds, so senior center services are available at little or no cost to you. Typically, participants are active and mostly independent adults with a desire to be involved in their community. As far as transportation goes, don’t worry if you can’t drive to get to the regularly-scheduled games, classes, and meals—most neighborhood senior centers offer free or low-cost rides. Also, if you’re interested in excursions, check with your local center—they likely sponsor semi-regular group trips for a small fee.

Senior multipurpose complexes

A senior multipurpose complex typically offers opportunities for older adults to enjoy health and wellness amenities at a lower cost than pricey private clubs. Paid-members, both in and out of the workforce, can discover activities and conveniences such as buffet-style meals, recreational activities, and health services. Some complexes even have therapeutic pools, exercise rooms, computer labs, support groups, and travel clubs. While senior multipurpose complexes do not provide transportation, most are accessible via other means of transportation for members who no longer drive. Some senior multipurpose complexes feature adult day services for individuals who require more supports.

Parks and Recreation department programming

In Georgia, most city and county parks sponsor special programming for older adults. Often, Parks and Recreation departments run centers devoted to providing recreational activities to seniors. Other departments plan regular events geared towards individuals aged 50+. Whether you prefer the Great Outdoors or the Great Air Conditioning, you will have no trouble finding programs suitable for you. Options range from fully equipped fitness centers and tennis courts to computer proficiency workshops and ballroom dancing classes. Contact Empowerline or search your county and ‘Parks and Recreation department’ to learn more about programs available in your area.

Need help finding a senior citizens center?

If you need help finding a senior center, search for a senior center near you, or contact Empowerline—just make sure to have your zip code handy. We will connect you to your local senior center options. From there, to make sure the fit feels right, you can inquire directly about the center’s eligibility requirements and any free trials they may offer. If your local senior center has limited funding, you may be placed on a waiting list.

Don’t wait to discover the passions, friendships, and health benefits that your community offers—locate a senior center today.