Regional Snapshot: Exploring Aging Trends in Metro Atlanta

May 2023 marks the 60th anniversary of the first national celebration of Older Americans Month (OAM). In honor of this momentous occasion, the Regional Snapshot this month focuses on showcasing the many contributions and achievements of older Atlanta Region residents, the commitment of Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) to improve longevity for residents of our region, and the important trends we see, in the areas of:


  • 60 years ago, older people (those aged 65+) comprised just over 6 percent of the 11-County Atlanta region. In 2020, that figure almost doubled to nearly 12 percent!
  • In another 30 years, this population is expected to almost double again. By 2050 the latest ARC population forecast suggests there will be approximately 1,325,745 older people age 65+ living in the 11-county Atlanta Region.


  • There was a sharp increase in older people leaving jobs in Q1 of 2020, coinciding with the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the number of employed older people rebounded to pre-pandemic levels by Q4 of 2021.
  • Current ARC population forecasts say that the traditional working age population (16-64 years old) will increase by just 563,200 people from 2020 to 2050. By 2050, there will be only be 1.58 working-age people per 1 non-working age person.

For more information, click through the slides below or download the Regional Snapshot: Aging (May 2023).

*This blog was originally posted on the Atlanta Regional Commission’s 33 Degrees North blog and can be accessed here.

Maria Sotnikova

Maria Sotnikova is a Data Scientist in Atlanta Regional Commission’s Research & Analytics Group. Her work focuses on creating visualizations that promote data-driven decision-making on issues that impact older persons and people with disabilities in the Atlanta metro area.