Ginger Finds Joy in Grandparenthood

Ginger Schilling, 71, is a former library aid at St. John’s the Evangelist Catholic School in Hapeville, GA. She has dedicated over three decades at St. John’s as a parent, volunteer, library aid, and, more recently, a driver for her grandchildren who are currently enrolled in school. Ginger has been enjoying retired life since 2019, but she has found herself in the most rewarding job for many years now – that job is being a grandmother to twelve (soon to be thirteen) grandchildren.

Handmade Photo Collage with Art
Handmade Photo Collage of the Kids
Ginger Sitting in her Home
Ginger Before We Chatted








I was able to chat and spend some time with Ginger (and one of the grandkids!) before more of them came over to hangout at “Mimi’s”. She resides in a carriage house on the same property as one of her daughters who has six kids, making a trip to grandma’s house just a stroll away.


Fridge with Photos of Grandchildren
Ginger’s Fridge Filled with Photos and Art

It may seem like grandparenting is Ginger’s full-time job, but she certainly still carves out time for herself and her passions such as traveling with the OWLS and exploring the great outdoors in her camper.

“I just came back from Maine with the OWLS, which is my group of close girl friends and it stands for, ‘Older, Wiser, Louder, Sassier’! We were gone for a week and a half, but we’ve already visited so many places together like Italy, England, Ireland, France, and Alaska.”

Her kid-friendly vehicle, a van, gained a new accessory as of this year. That accessory being a detachable camper. She wanted a way to be closer to the woods but in a luxurious fashion, as she says.

“I’m doubly alive when I’m with my grandchildren and my beloved outdoors!”


Ginger and Some of the Grandkids
Ginger and Some of the Grandkids
Ginger's Camper
Ginger’s Camper

Megan Malasarte

Megan Malasarte is an Administrative Assistant at Boston Consulting Group. She was a former professional track athlete for the Atlanta Track Club Elite Team. She is passionate about fitness and exploring the great outdoors.