EmpowerlinePRO (ePRO) is Georgia’s most comprehensive statewide database of aging, long-term care, and disabilities services and resources for professionals. EmpowerlinePRO is a curated system with topic specific inclusion criteria organized according to a two-tiered taxonomy of services. Each provider in ePRO is thoroughly vetted and required to meet very stringent inclusion criteria.

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* ARC does not recommend or endorse any one provider over another, nor are we a licensing or certification entity. ARC does not guarantee referrals to providers listed in EmpowerlinePRO. All providers included must meet specific inclusion criteria to be listed in the database. Inclusion criteria may include, but not be limited to, state licensing requirements, time in business, providers who offer a service listed in the Aging and Long Term Care Taxonomy, and other criteria based on specific service. Decisions to use any service provider must be made by the consumer, his or her family member, or authorized representative.