April 1, 2020 • In Your Health

The Wonders of Music!

American musician Billy Joel once said “It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from,… Read More

November 20, 2019 • In Your Health

The Truth About Opioids

We often hear “Opioid Epidemic” on the radio and read about it in the news headlines. The health field is now realizing the potential dangers… Read More

The hands of several women
July 31, 2019 • In Your Health

Are These My Hands Now?

Nail salons defy any distinctions between women. Female paradigms crumble as women of every color, shape, age, and fashion orientation intersect while getting manicures and… Read More

Group of people grilling veggies over a fire
July 3, 2019 • In Your Health

Summer Food Safety

For much of the United States, July brings hot and humid temperatures: the dog days of summer. Most people remember to heed safety tips when… Read More