2023, More Me!

We’ve all heard the phrase “New Year, New Me” tossed about at the start of a new calendar year, but what if we changed it this year to “2023, More Me”?

As many of us have experienced, people’s desire to stick to New Year’s resolutions tends to fizzle out after a few months (or sometimes even weeks). Not to mention, behavior change – which is what many New Year’s Resolutions are – takes time and is a process, with relapses being a common part of that process.

While there is great value in setting goals – especially health goals such as eating healthier, quitting tobacco, exercising more, or sleeping better – and sticking to them, setting goals under the pressure of an arbitrary deadline like January 1 might not be the best time in your life to put change into action. Plus, why do we need to change ourselves in some way?

What if instead of having some singular action we’re going to do this year to change something in our lives, we focus instead on embracing more of ourselves for who we are? I’m not suggesting that everyone ignores their family and friends and their other commitments or work to go on some epic self-realization quest (although you do you!), but I am suggesting that we take more time this year to appreciate ourselves and pursue our own wellbeing. If the idea of putting yourself first seems selfish, remember that you can’t show up for others fully if you don’t care for yourself too.

So, in 2023, let resolve to embrace who we already are and be grateful for what we have and the opportunities that lie in each new day.

Happy New Year!

Arin Yost

Arin is a Program Analyst at the Atlanta Regional Commission, where his work focuses on health disparities and equity across the Atlanta region.