HealthMatters Workshops

The Atlanta Regional Commission’s (ARC’s) HealthMatters Workshops are based on science and have many proven benefits, including better health and quality of life, increased physical activity, meaningful social connections, and more confidence managing health conditions, caregiving, and aging well.

The current menu of workshops falls into four categories: Health Self-Management, Falls Prevention, Caregiver Support, and Aging Mastery (intentional aging).

Workshops are CURRENTLY offered at NO COST to participants through grant funding. The workshops last 6 – 16 weeks, depending on the program. Workshops are scheduled in-person and virtually depending on the workshop.

There are multiple ways to engage with ARC’s HealthMatters Workshops:

PARTICIPATE. Your road to empowered living starts by signing up and attending a program in your community.

HOST. We are looking for organizations that want to offer their residents, patients, or members in-person workshops to improve their health.

VOLUNTEER. Coach older adults, individuals with disabilities, and caregivers on their wellness journeys by training to become a certified workshop leader.

REFER. Tell your friends, family, neighbors, patients, and members about our programs, which are offered across metro Atlanta.*

Find local in-person and virtual workshops by visiting the Empowerline calendar or  Georgia HealthMatters. For questions, call (470) 378-1630 or send an email to

Menu of Workshops

All workshops take place over several weeks and are taught by certified coaches.

Aging Well with Your Pain

  • 6-week workshop / 2.5 hours, once a week (6 sessions)
  • individuals with primary or secondary diagnoses of chronic pain learn to lead healthier, more satisfying lives
  • teaches techniques to help cope with frustration, fatigue, isolation, and poor sleep, as well as exercises that promote flexibility, strength, endurance, and reduced experiences of acute pain

Aging Well with Your Health Conditions

  • 6-week workshop / 2.5 hours, once a week (6 sessions)
  • individuals learn how to cope with ongoing health conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, asthma, and more
  • participants learn tools to manage commonly experienced symptoms including pain, fatigue, depression, stress/anxiety, shortness of breath, and difficult emotions
  • learn tools such as weekly action planning, healthy eating, physical activities, relaxation techniques, decision-making, effective communication strategies, and much more

Aging Well with Your Diabetes

  • 6-week workshop / 2.5 hours, once a week (6 sessions)
  • individuals manage the symptoms and associated complications of diabetes, learn to adhere to medications, and control sugar levels
  • participants also learn tips to make nutrition choices to sup­port better blood sugar control and to maintain a healthy body while aging with diabetes, as well as techniques to manage anxiety, stress, and frustrations

Powerful Tools for Caregivers

  • 6-week workshop / 1.5 hours, once a week (6 sessions)
  • caregivers learn to reduce stress, communicate their needs to family members, make tough care-giving decisions, and focus on self-care to improve their caregiving journey and experiences

A Matter of Balance

  • 8-week workshop / 2 hours, once a week; or 4-week workshop / 2 hours, twice a week (8 sessions)
  • individuals become less fearful of falling
  • aims to reduce the number of injuries resulting from falling through practical lifestyle adjustments, resulting in increased confidence in moving through daily life without falling

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention

  • 8-week workshop / 1 hour, twice a week; or 16-week workshop / 1 hour, once a week (16 sessions)
  • participants improve movement, reduce falls, and connect with peers
  • learn techniques that enhance muscular strength and flexibility exercises that reduce pain and stiffness


  • 10-week workshop / 1 hour, twice a week (20 sessions)
  • mixes health education, exercise, and bingo to help older adults deal with the health problems they are facing
  • shown to deliver social, cognitive, and physical improvements, and the best part is that it’s fun!

Aging Mastery

  • 10-week workshop / 1.5 hours, once a week (10 sessions)
  • a fun and engaging program that leads to desired positive behavior change
  • developed to intentional­ly plan for the future and discuss future financial needs
  • includes topics such as exercise, sleep, healthy eating and hydration, advanced planning, healthy relationships, medication management, and falls prevention

For more information, contact ARC’s Evidence-Based Program Team at or (470) 378-1630.

To find an upcoming HealthMatters Workshop, visit the Empowerline calendar OR Georgia HealthMatters.

*Metro Atlanta includes the counties of Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Fulton, Gwinnett, Henry, and Rockdale.

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