How To: Use Reminders on Apple iPhone

Most smartphones have an app or feature that allows you to set reminders that will send you a notice at a certain time on a particular day. I have an Apple iPhone, and I find using reminders keeps me organized and allows me to be reminded of something in the future at the exact time I need to remember something.

For example, if I am going to a family gathering and need to remember to take a dessert and a gift, I can set a reminder to purchase or make the dessert, as well as a reminder to put the dessert and the gift in the car when I leave home. The following are some other ideas for when reminders may be helpful for you:

  • A bill needs to be paid
  • Garbage will be collected
  • A letter needs to be mailed
  • An item needs to be purchased
  • A TV show is on you wish to view
  • A library book is due
  • You have a friend to call for a birthday or just to check in
  • Medications need to be refilled

The options are endless! I find that I don’t forget things as often. If you’re ready to start, below are the steps to set a reminder if you use an Apple iPhone:

  • Open the Reminder app, which looks like the following icon:
Apple iPhone Reminder App Icon
Apple iPhone Reminder App Icon
  • Click on the plus mark in a circle or “New Reminder”. As your list of reminders gets longer, these options will appear at the bottom of your already-entered reminders.
  • Give your reminder a title, such as “Buy a dessert” or “Put dessert & gift in car”.
  • Hit red lowercase “i” in the red circle to the right of the line where you typed the title.
  • Go to “Date” and press the button to the right, which will open up the calendar and allow you to select a day. You can forward to a future month by tapping the right arrow.
  • Go to “Time” and press the button to the right, which will open up all 24 hours in 5 minute increments.
  • After selecting and Date and Time, select “Done” at the top, and the reminder will alert you at the exact day and time you requested.

Of course, if your phone is not able to do “Reminders”, a sticky note is still an option!

Allison Davis

Allison Davis has been with Aging and Independence Services at the Atlanta Regional Commission since 2012. She currently assists with Monitoring and Evaluation of providers in the Metro Atlanta area who receive Older Americans Act funding. Allison is a native Atlantan and currently resides in the city of Milton.