Diamond Painting – An Easy to Learn Crafting Project

The photo is of someone performing diamond painting. A hand holds a small tool and transfers plastic jewels from a shallow tray onto a picture of a tree.
Diamond Painting can produce elaborate and vibrant artwork.

I was visiting a senior center and observed a lady working on a craft I had never seen before. The picture she was creating was sparkling and so detailed that I inquired about how to do it. Though it’s called “painting”, no liquid is present.

Diamond painting involves the following:

  • Plastic “drills” that are round or square prisms that catch the light and appear to shimmer
  • A handheld tool that picks up bits of wax on the tip to enable the drills to be picked up
  • A sticky mat that has a grid of symbols that designate which color drill is to be placed in a particular square
  • A flat table/surface – this is not a craft you can do on your sofa
  • Good lighting – a desk lamp will help you see better
  • Reading glasses, if you typically need glasses when you read up close

Diamond Painting kits can be found online as well as in some craft stores. The bigger the canvas you’re working on, the more detail your art will have due to more drills being used.

A diamond panting of a man in a winter scene. He wears a long flowing robe and an owl is perched on his shoulder

A diamond painting of a small bird perched in a spruce tree.

Once a painting is finished, it can be framed or even glued to a canvas. Various techniques can be found online. Here are two paintings I framed with inexpensive frames.

I enjoy listening to music, watching a tv show, or listening to an audiobook while I do my diamond painting. This is an easy-to-learn craft, and each kit will come with all you need to get started!  Happy crafting!




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Allison Davis

Allison Davis has been with Aging and Independence Services at the Atlanta Regional Commission since 2012. She currently assists with Monitoring and Evaluation of providers in the Metro Atlanta area who receive Older Americans Act funding. Allison is a native Atlantan and currently resides in the city of Milton.